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Having plants in your bathroom, not only brightens up your sanctuary space by adding a pop of colour, they also help purify the air. At Prima Bella, we believe that plants can have a positive impact on your well-being. Here are 5 plants that will liven up any bathroom.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant from central Africa is one viper you want in your bathroom. The Snake plant is the best plant for air purification and is used world-wide for just this purpose. It also creates a beautiful addition to your sanctuary space. This water wise splash of colour will not only brighten up your space, but is also easy to take care of.


Orchids are beautiful and create an air of elegance. Not only is this plant absolutely gorgeous and will take your bathroom to the next level, it is also suited for humid environments, which in bathrooms, is almost always the case. Plus, it comes in a huge variety of colours from white to orange to pink and purple, each with loads of pattern variations.

Spider plant

This minimalistic addition to your bathroom is perfect for either hanging or in a pot on a flat surface. The green and white leaves of the Spider Plant makes it a great addition to any bathroom as the colours work well with any interior décor scheme.


Bamboo does not need a lot of bright light to grow. This makes this plant perfect for any bathroom that does not have a lot of light. It is also very easy to take care of as you do not need soil to grow this plant in. A stylish vase with fresh water is all you need to keep your Bamboo happy.

Peace Lilly

This gorgeous lily grows very easily and in accordance with its name, will add a sense of peace and serenity to your sanctuary. Its mid to dark green leaves on its own makes for a beautiful addition, but when the Peace Lily flowers, its real beauty comes out. Surreal looking white flowers on thin elegant stems adorn this plant and makes it a must have in any bathroom. It also replicates itself so within a few months to a year you should be able to split the plants up and have several around your home.