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It’s almost 2020 and there are quite a few interesting things happening for our bathrooms next year. In this post you can read some of the design as well as other trends that are going to be ‘must haves’ for your bathroom next year.


1.    Being environmentally conscious

During 2019, climate change has been the focus of many debates and protests. South Africa is experiencing a huge drought that has reached a state of emergency in certain provinces. Knowing this, we need to use water sparingly and wisely, and when we use water, we need to be mindful of it. Whenever you buy something for your bathroom, make sure that you know where it comes from and what the ethical implications of its manufacturing were. Using bamboo instead of wood is a great way to do your part for the environment by buying something that is sustainable.








2.    Black and gold

The colour black is anticipated to make a huge comeback in bathroom interiors in 2020 and beyond. You can embrace this by using black plumbing on your shower that is visible. Black decal on the glass shower panels adds an industrial and modern feel to any shower. Beyond the black fixtures you can also have black towels, black towel railings and other black accessories.

Metallics wise, rose gold is out, she has served us well these last few years, but queen gold is back with a décor and accent vengeance. Gold lends an industrial touch to any area. You can use spots of gold in your bathroom décor with gold planters, gold mirror frames, gold taps and faucets, gold shower caddies, gold clocks, towel rails, towel baskets as well as gold knobs on your bathroom cabinet or bathroom door.








3.    Brutally organic

The use of organic materials as structural features in bathrooms is set to be big in 2020. Concrete countertops, floors, basins and even walls are one of the design dreams for bathrooms in 2020. Organic materials such as wood, steel, ceramic and porcelain are really big and even using pebbles as your bathroom floor is a trend for 2020. You can easily find a bamboo hanging shelf or countertop for your basin in any home décor store in SA.








4.    Monochrome marble

Marble in bathrooms is making a huge comeback as the white and grey tones are serene this season. Using marble in your bathroom is a durable statement that you can edit according to each changing season by changing your colour scheme. Suggested uses of marble in bathrooms in 2020 include using solid marble as flooring, marble wallpaper, marble countertops or marble soap dishes and canisters.







5.    Art it up

Using statement art pieces in your bathroom is an eclectic trend in 2020 bathroom décor. Art of any kind goes here. You can choose to have a big painting or a small sculpture, or a big sculpture and small paintings. You can choose from a variety of art pieces, from classical to modern. All of these will add that special touch to your bathroom.









6.    Use your windows

More and more windows and other structural elements of rooms are being incorporated into the functionality of the décor elements in the rooms. Placing a surface below your windows allows you to bring your outside in whether it is beautiful greenery or a gorgeous city scape or scene. Use your view as a part of your bathroom décor. A bathroom counter does not need to be accompanied by a mirror and by placing your counter under a window, you might use an area of your bathroom in a novel way.







7.    Bathroom accessories for 2020 and beyond

Current trends for 2020 suggest that circles are going to be quite the fixture this year. Using round mirrors in your bathroom is an effective way to bring circles into your bathroom space. Other accessories that are not only a stunning feature in your bathroom, but also useful include towel ladders and floating shelves of all kinds.


8.    Big is big and small is big in 2020

Big open plan bathrooms are a trend in 2020. Placing a bathroom in a bedroom is not as strange as it might once have been. By using this layout, you are more likely to save space as you are not separating the two rooms with walls.

Globally, the general trend towards minimalism and tiny living is continuing in 2020. In a small bathroom you can use light colours and lighting to create a sense of openness. Straight lines and minimalist Scandinavian design is a must for a small bathroom. Using effective and decorative storage solutions is key in a small bathroom and helps you keep your small space clutter free. Use white and metallics in your small bathroom and accentuate with a plant or two to add a dash of colour. Round your minimalist look off by adding some textures in the form of natural material floating shelves.









9.    Textured wallpapers that make a statement

Using wallpaper to decorate one wall of your bathroom interior is an easy way to give your bathroom an edge. The type of design that is expected in 2020 ranges all the way from big, bold floral prints through metallics and textures to beautiful patterns and natural landscapes. Using wallpaper adds dimension to your bathroom. Using natural textures or prints such as wood or marble wallpaper also provides you with a less costly option. It is also much easier to apply than real marble or wood.








10. Rugs

2020 sees large rugs being used as bathroom mats. Using a medium sized carpet in your bathroom adds texture, warmth and colour. Rugs can be used in big or small bathrooms. Using a larger size rectangular rug can elongate a narrow space. Using colourful, patterned rugs in bathrooms are a must in 2020.









11. Patterned tiles

Using patterned tiles in bathrooms are quite the trend for 2020 and beyond. Here there are no specific colours or textures to look out for tile wise and all patterns are embraced. You can choose from monochrome, geometric shapes, mandalas, and Moroccan inspired patterns to liven up your bathroom with tiles.








12. Colours to look out for in 2020

When it comes to bathrooms in 2020 hues of blue and green are set to grace the aesthetic. Retro colours like mustard yellow are making a comeback , the usual pastels are still prominent like beige, white and grey and turquoise and teal tiles and accents are going to pop in 2020.











With regards to bathroom décor trends in 2020, we have a wide variety of options to choose from, some old, some new and even some blue. Boredom in our bathrooms is something we are not going to experience next year. Remember, keep rediscovering your sanctuary.