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Why is choosing the right shower enclosure for your bathroom so important? When you are in the process of shopping for showers, you can easily be overwhelmed by all the different options available to you. Showers come in various shapes, styles and sizes. Each of these three elements are specifically combined to meet different needs.


Here is a short introduction and description of the most popular showers on the market today:


Bath Screens





Bath Screens are a space and money saving alternative for bathrooms that have a shower bath. At Prima Bella, these are available in three options. You can choose from a single fixed panel, a hinged panel or a gorgeous folding screen. Our products come also come in different finishes to suit your decor needs.


Pivot shower doors





Our pivot showers are beautifully designed and are incredibly easy to access. The shower door in a pivot system has two strategically placed pivot points, one at the top of the door and one at the bottom. This type of shower door is useful if your bathroom has limited space as it has a slightly smaller opening than a hinged shower door. Structurally, it is more sturdy than a hinged door. A good example is our Ovvio extendable inline pivot door in a polished aluminium frame.


Sliding shower doors





Sliding shower doors are often used as a space saving measure in a bathroom. If you have limited space available in your bathroom, selecting one of our sliding doors will suit you best. Sliding doors are made of several overlapping panels that gently glide to the size of one panel when fully opened. Our Milan single slider is a good example of a sliding door.


Hinged shower doors





Hinged shower doors are suited for a bathroom that has enough space for the door to open outwards. This type of shower enclosure allows the entrance to be bigger than the average entrance on a sliding door. Each door has an amount of secure hinges anchoring the door to the side panel or the compensation system. Our Modica frameless shower is a good example of a hinged shower door.


Bi-Fold shower doors





Bi-fold shower doors are perfect for you if you do not have a lot of space in your bathroom. In a Bi-Fold shower, the door glides to the side and folds back onto itself as it is made of two panels. The door opens inwards and is perfect for rectangular showers. These doors can be used on their own if the space is limited or with an optional side panel if you want the shower enclosure to be a bit bigger.


Pentagonal shower enclosures





Our pentagonal shower enclosure consist of a five sided space that forms the inside of the shower enclosure. It can be placed in any  90° corner in your bathroom. This design option allows for a multitude of door options. Pentagonal showers can have bi-fold doors, pivot doors, hinged doors or in swing doors. Two examples of this are our Brolo and our Sagres Shower enclosures.


Walk in shower enclosures





Walk in showers are an ultra-modern statement point in any bathroom. These shower enclosures are ideal for large open bathrooms as well as bathrooms with an alcove. Walk-In showers can consist of only one panel or several. Walk in showers do not need a shower door.


Quadrant shower enclosures





Quadrant shower enclosures can be placed in any bathroom that has a 90° corner. These elegant showers have a curved shape and are a wonderful space saver. The doors on this shower usually open from the middle of the front of the enclosure and they slide or swing towards the wall on both sides. If you have a small bathroom, a curved shower enclosure is a great choice. Have a look at Bonnie and Lugar as two lovely examples.


Shower screens





If you are looking for something modern or your bathroom is open plan, shower screens will be your best pick. These shower enclosures consist of a huge solid tempered glass panel that forms the structure of the shower. Our shower screens are frameless and elegant. You can choose either the Lascari II, which has to be anchored on a wall or the Lascari which is a free standing shower screen and does not need to be anchored on a wall. Our shower screens are made from thickened tempered glass, assuring your safety. Our shower screens offer a walk in space and do not have doors. Our shower screens come in a variety of sizes.


Side panels





As part of our product offering we have  shower side panels. These are used to create an enclosure if you do not have concrete walls to hold your shower door. These panels come in a variety of sizes and finishes and are thoroughly quality tested. They can be used on bi-fold doors, pivot doors, and hinge doors.


Like every person or family, every bathroom has its own unique specifications and requirements and there are certain styles and designs that fit certain spaces better than others. If you cannot find the shower that suits your needs best in the list above, Prima Bella can do a custom design and installation for you. Please see our Custom showers page under our products on our website.