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Our Story

We are a family run business, built on values that have been passed down from generation to generation. We believe in putting these values first and leading by example in all that we do, not just sometimes, but all of the time. We believe in having a purpose, living our truth and sharing our passion with the world. Each day we strive to innovate and reinvigorate an industry that seems to be more interested in cutting prices than delivering beautifully designed, quality products that make us feel special. To us, a bathroom is not just a bathroom. It’s an environment built on life’s daily rituals, a place where we can wash away the dust of everyday life, renew our spirits, and rejuvenate ourselves. 

This is our sanctuary.

Our History

Shower enclosure specialist Prima Bella as it stands today, evolved out of humble beginnings. In 1962 Di Bella & Sons was founded in Johannesburg by the post WWII Italian immigrant Vincenzo di Bella, with artisans that fitted marble and ceramic tiles. A shift of focus started when Di Bella Importers & Exporters was registered in 1993 with the wholesale of ceramic tiles and later bathroom accessories.

On 10 April 2000, Prima Bella as it is today was established by Salvatore di Bella.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to innovate and reinvigorate the shower industry and bring some purpose and meaning back into the bathroom.

Our Vision

To continually deliver inspiring, beautifully designed, quality products that will help you to rediscover your sanctuary.

Our Values


We celebrate innovation and deliver beautifully designed, quality products


We are loyal to and care deeply about our staff and customers


We are committed to maintaining the level of quality and service associated with our brand

Our Team

Sue di Bella

Giovanni di Bella

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Careers at Prima Bella

At Prima Bella we employ innovative individuals who are family orientated and quality driven. If you would like to look at available posts, please fill out the form below.